Fern and moss grows along a rocky creek

Fern & Moss Candle Therapy with Creekside Oasis

Such simple plants, fern and moss. Nothing notably special about them. Most people cut ferns down when they grow in places where they think they shouldn’t. Many scrape the moss off their patios in the late summer. But there’s something special about fern and moss scents. Something therapeutic that few recognize.

It was late January 2020. Christmas ended. New year resolutions were set. As Greg and I sat on the couch looking for a new TV show to watch, we felt drained and depleted. Winter had set in, ground covered with snow. We felt our energy being drained each day as the sun rose lower and lower in the sky.

Bored and longing for adventure, we missed our favorite nature spot. It's a walking trail that runs along a winding creek that starts about a five-minute walk from our house. The trail is about a mile and a half long. Perfect for exercise, as we often did in the past. Bike riding, brisk walking, or just a slow stroll hand in hand as we admired the magnificent beauty of the trees, earth, and creekside sounds. It's our place. It's our Creekside Oasis.

It was with this longing that I set out to find the perfect combination of fragrance that would remind us of our of our favorite place. I figured that if we couldn’t go there, we could bring the scents that made us feel like we were there. With that, our popular Creekside Oasis candle was born to bring to others the many benefits of aromatherapy with fern and moss scents.

Nature’s spa for relaxation and stress relief

Many people who buy our Creekside Oasis candles and wax melts find the sweet earthy scents of ferns and mosses calming and soothing. They can reduce stress levels, promote relaxation, and provide you with an amazing sense of tranquility. It’s the perfect spa candle for the bathroom, sunroom, man cave, or she shed.

Connection to positive memories in nature

Think of lush wet forests with crystal clear streams where the ferns grow and moss spreads on moist tree bark. These scents help create a connection with the outdoors, even if you're indoors. If you are a nature lover, a phenomenon known as the Proust Effect smelling scents of nature can trigger positive memories and emotions aroused from previous outdoors adventures.

Improved focus and concentration

Some find that the scents of ferns and mosses also can enhance concentration and mental clarity. You'll notice a calm and focused environment, making it easier to concentrate on tasks. It’s also perfect for engaging in mindfulness practices, which help bring your mind to the here and now.

Improved mood

For many, being in nature creates an environment for improving mood, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of grounding and balance. Aromatherapy often uses nature scented fragrances like fern and moss. The therapeutic aroma of these scents may have a positive impact on mood, reducing anxiety.

Mossberry Woods’ Creekside Oasis candle is a complex scent that brings about these benefits with notes of fern and moss, river stones, and soft florals, with a tiny bit of soft musk. It has a strong cold throw, and even stronger hot throw when burning. It’s like smelling the beautiful sweet scents of nature on steroids.

Fill your home with plants like fern and moss and add this candle to your décor for the ultimate nature experience. So, when you can’t make it to the forest, you can still transform your mind and spirit with your very own Creekside Oasis candle for the next best thing.

We hope you enjoy it!

~ Liz & Greg

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