Our Story

We are a local small business in Vestal, NY who set out to create soy candles and wax melts that promotes inner calm, joy, and peace. We use warm woody, plant, and floral fragrances to invoke soothing feelings that make anyone want to curl up, relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Our apothecary rustic jars with cork lids create the perfect ambiance to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, while our clear mason style jars let the light shine through. Our hope is to delight you with not just a candle, but an experience that brightens your day.

Liz in the Mossberry Woods candle studio

In 2014, disability struck my family as my husband lost his eyesight permanently. Our family’s financial and personal struggles during this time became a challenge. We lost a major source of income overnight, and panic began to set in. For the most part of my career, I owned and operated an online publishing company centered around providing support for parents around the world. But I felt that I needed to get a more stable job to maintain the life we had. So, I enrolled in college and within two weeks started my journey toward finishing my degree. Soon after, I accepted a job as a web developer.


After three years, I began to see that disability within a family is not something to succumb to, but something to overcome. I realized I chose to succumb and worked in one of the most stressful jobs anyone could have. I regretted it deeply. I missed being with my family. My husband was stuck at home, my daughters needed their Mom, and my job was not providing me with the creative outlet that I so desperately needed. We were stressed to the max!

I decided it was time to pivot so our family live the best life possible. For us, this means that we can wake up every day full of excitement, joy, and peace, making a difference in other people's lives where we can. I remembered my time making candles as a child and decided to give it a try again to bring that light back into my family’s life, and hopefully into the lives of others.

Candles curing


Inspired by my profound love of nature and the calming effects it provides, I set out to make candles that promoted peace, calm, and harmony within. The goal was to make a candle that wasn’t overpowering to the senses, clean burning, and eco-friendly. I chose light, relaxing scents like our Creekside Oasis and Woodland Spa to invoke the sense of being in nature, and Black Raspberry Dream that reminded me of picking raspberries as a child and the delicious jam my mother made from them.


Before long, I had so many candles that I decided to give them to family and friends. The response was overwhelming! Everyone loved the candles—the soothing scents of nature, the glowing vessels, the ambiance they created. With that, I started on a journey to create a nature-inspired sustainable candle business so that others can fill their homes with our candles that bring so many happiness, joy, and peace.

Liz selling candles at craft fair

What does the future hold? My goal is to eventually open a candle boutique for everyone to come and enjoy our candles, relax, or find the perfect candle gift. We will be showcasing our products at local craft fairs, getting more involved in our local community, and looking for more ways to make a difference in people’s lives. Because that's what life is all about! My hope is that Mossberry Woods inspires you to make a difference and bring light into your life too!

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